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Coming with 12 years of experience, We have been fortunate to have been part of over 4500+ weddings Ranging from intimate events of 100+ guests to a staggering 2,00,000+ guests.

We have curated weddings & special events across 100+ cities and also handled events of all ethenicity and community.

Dedicated to those who appreciate truly luxurious weddings, we're committed to providing ultra high net worth individuals the wedding of their dreams.Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our bespoke heritage weddings effortlessly blend grandeur and intimacy on a magnificent scale. From destination weddings to unforgettable ones, we deliver and take care of every detail for all your personalized rituals.

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Step into an enchanting world of extraordinary unions. Here, we unveil a tapestry of love stories, each intricately woven with passion, purpose, and profound connection. From intimate gatherings infused with cultural richness to grand celebrations that redefine opulence, immerse yourself in the artistry and timeless beauty of these unforgettable moments. Let their magic inspire and ignite your own journey of wedded bliss.


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